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Your Favourite Rapper's Favourite Rapper, Vol. 1

Competition is a huge part of hip hop, and fans are always debating who the best rappers of all time are. While every rapper has their influences, it's their true favourites that mean the most. I asked ten rappers who their favourite rappers were and why -- here are their answers.


Knowitall is a New York rapper who's released a run of excellent, grimy albums this year, with The machine, Soul Surgery, and most recently, Music Saved Me 2. He said:

"My favourite rappers have changed over the years, man. First it was Big Pun, just because of how incredible he was lyrically, nobody you can compare him to. Then as I got older I discovered MF DOOM, who I found incredible. His references, rhyme schemes, and overall skill is what got me. Right now, it’s Roc Marci, who kinda reminds me for DOOM in a way he makes technical rap sound so cool and smooth."


Blu is a Californian rapper who rose to prominence in the mid-2000s with his first collaboration with Exile, Below the Heavens, and he's maintained a loyal fanbase since. Regarding his favourite, he said:

"KRS-One, since high school. Most knowledge bro, I feel he is the most important MC of all time. The truest leader, extremely diverse styler, longevity and he came out the gate the hardest. He is also from the origin grounds of the culture. The best."


Unruly is an underground rapper who's made a splash this year with his fiery debut Black Graffiti, as well as an impressive run of features which have cemented him as one of the most consistent this year. He said:

"My favorite rapper is Nas. He made me fall in love with hip hop all over again. There is no Unruly without Nasir Jones. Just the way he weaves the words together, whether it’s in the pocket of the beat or not, whether it’s a methodical flow or a speedy flow, the classic feel, the bars, the poetry. The storytelling, that man is the GOAT."

Vic Spencer

Vic Spencer is a rapper from Chicago who has worked with hip hop legends from Sean Price to Roc Marciano, but more recently, he's been celebrated for his Psychological Cheat Sheet series with August Fanon, and his consistent run of albums this year. He said:

"Redman is my favorite rapper. Why? Because it was him that made me want to pick up a pen when I heard "Tonight’s Da Nite" ... It was his witty rap style, the way he dressed, loved the way he dressed, he put the triple fat goose with the timbs. I loved his song that was on Erick’s Insomnia album. He had a chain with a weed plant. This is when I started smoking weed. He was my first weed artist I got in tune with."

Mourning Run

Mourning Run is another rapper in the same circle as Unruly, part of the modern underground. He's thrived in 2022 with a range of features as well as his collaboration with producer Filip Neuf, Pearls Before Swine. He said:

"Hands down, Sean Price is my favorite. He was genuine on and off the mic. I opened up for him years ago at the Middle East and witnessed him put a random dude through the window of Cambridge Pizza at around 2am after the show. His skilled writing, commanding aura and family values continue to inspire to this day."

SurvivalInNegativity (S.I.N.)

S.I.N. is a rapper whose cold and laidback style is evident on his 2022 album with producer B.Positiv, Nightlife 4 (Thinking) Introverts. He's got more music on the way, such as his upcoming collaboration with producer INSMNC. He said:

"So my favorite rapper is Slug from Atmosphere. He's the first rapper that taught me being a normal guy in hip hop was okay. I was already familiar with a few other rappers who didn't have crazy street backgrounds and weren't making fantastical caricatures out of their lives and personas, but his style resonated with me on a very relatable human level I find hard to explain. Even his more conceptual work was always inviting and engaging in a way that doesn't lose the listener and manages to leave something for you to walk away with by the end. He's unapologetically himself in a very emboldening way which had an immediate effect on me and made me a lifelong fan."

Patty Honcho

Patty Honcho is a New Jersey rapper who's been busy in 2022 with his solo album, BRAWLER (ROUND 5), as well as his recent collaboration with producer Numbz, LIFE. He said:

"My favorite rapper at this current moment is Boldy James. My favorite rapper has been changing frequently lately but Boldy is getting the bulk of my spins as of late. Boldy is ill man, from the tone of his voice to the topics he speaks on. He also has been one of the most consistent."

BlaQ Chidori

BlaQ Chidori is a Virginian rapper who has been on a consistent run from the start of the decade, from 2020's The Blaq Album to White Melodies: B Side in November 2022. He said:

"My favorite rapper is two people sharing a spot, to be honest: Ghostface Killah and Cam’ron. Because, Ghostface is not only a pioneer to the whole abstract, fashion, and coke rap wave that’s prominent today, but he was the most unique with it. Cam’ron is someone who’s an under-appreciated pioneer as well. He held down the streets which isn’t something every artist could do let alone did. They both impacted the culture heavily with their fashion and art in a way that only others after can take on their legacy."


Xhef is part of the Feel Lo collective, a rising hip hop movement in the underground. He's also part of the duo Tomorrow People with Brent Bronze, who recently released MORE MUSIC PLEASE!, procued by Teekoh. Xhef said:

"My favorite rapper is Billy Woods. No other rapper can have the most poetically complex, painstakingly grim and harrowing lyricism and make it something that you want to listen to over and over again. His pen is so unique and special."


Onwuka is an eclectic rapper whose influences span the whole musical spectrum. He's released two EPs and countless songs this year so far, with a new project produced by INSMNC, Portals, close to release. He said:

"My Favorite Rapper's Rapper. That is such a tough answer to choose. Yet for me I'm going to go with one that helped me learn the art of rapping by studying his craft - Chamillionaire. The most unique thing about Cham is I truly don't think I ever heard a rapper with his specific style and techniques at the time he hit the scene. Others such as Snoop, for example, you could see that Slick Rick was somewhat of an influence with the way they smoothly deliver lines and the cadence they present. Chamilli, on the other hand ... You can't really track the double puns, the style of how he flowed at a somewhat quick tactical pace, the in-depth balla punchlines he would do to another rapper. Especially around the age of seventeen, I heavily started digging into his work with Swishahouse on all their classic freestyles. He always stood out to me with bars such as, 'If we don't get you in the streets we'll get you in the club like a wristband'. Or crazy intellectual balla lines, 'Looking like a poisonous light bulb bit my wrist,' 'Ain't really no reason to watch her cause I know she coming straight back like the results of good posture.' One of my favorite signature things he does is the double puns I mentioned. One of the most recognsable in Hip Hop history would most likely be Jay Z's 'I'm not a business man I'm a business, man.' Cham has too many to count. 'Don't watch MTV or Carson Daly but you can see dem TVs in my car son daily.' Also one of things that inspired me that he does is he always takes over the track to fit his Chamillionaire aesthetic. Doesn't matter if it's a Ciara collab, a Lady Gaga Poker Face freestyle ('Telling me she got on her Poker Face and I'm telling her I'm trying to poke her face' -- another double pun), a classic Houston team-up song he always is able to make it seem like it was always destined to be about him."

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