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My Most Anticipated Releases of 2023

As we begin 2023, there are so many different artists I’m anticipating music from this year. In this list, I’ll go through five artists I can’t wait to hear new material from, regardless of whether they have confirmed a new release this year or not.

Jessie Ware

Since discovering Jessie Ware’s What’s Your Pleasure? in 2020, it has continued to climb up my list of favourites until I recently realised it is my favourite album of all time. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that I’m greatly anticipating a release from Jessie in 2023. She claimed in an interview that her new album would release in early 2022, but the only output from her last year was her glamorous single, “Free Yourself.” It’s an incredible dance-pop track with punching drums and piano mixed with some of her most triumphant and impassioned vocal work ever. Whether “Free Yourself” is the lead single for her new album or simply a teaser to entertain fans while they wait, it’s proof that Jessie Ware is still embracing the masterful brand of dance-pop which gave her career a resurgence at the start of the decade. Even if her new album is half as good as What’s Your Pleasure?, I would be satisfied.


Unruly is a rapper who rose to prominence in the underground just last year, and in that short time, he’s made quite an impact. His debut album, Black Graffiti, is one of my favourites of 2022, with Unruly delivering a nonstop onslaught of ferocious verses over a blend of hard-hitting and atmospheric production. Besides his own material, he was consistent as a feature artist in 2022, hopping on albums and EPs all across the underground and never failing to deliver a quality verse. Whether it be the bubbly sound of Harvey Gold’s production, the dark and dense mood created by Skelbeats or the grimy atmosphere forged by Klwn Cat, Unruly has adapted well to a host of diverse sounds. The consistency and versatility he has showcased in such a short time span leaves me excited to see where he takes his sound next, and with the number of verses he dropped in 2022, I doubt his work ethic will slow down in 2023.

Death Grips

2023 marks five years since Death Grips last released an album. From their debut mixtape Exmilitary to 2018’s Year of the Snitch, they have reinvented their sound numerous times, but maintained the core appeal of what makes the band so good. The manic drumming of Zach Hill coupled with the messy production of Andy Morrin and Ride’s aggressive vocals has been the band’s formula since the beginning, but within that formula they have explored so many different styles from industrial hip hop to noise rock. Posting cryptic messages and videos online, the band seem to be teasing at a comeback, and I have my fingers crossed that they will finally deliver in 2023. No matter what sound they approach, I know I won’t be disappointed, because even the weakest of Death Grips albums are still quality projects and highlights of their respective years. Regardless of where the band takes their sound, I just hope they take it there soon.

Danny Brown

Danny Brown is one of my favourite rappers of all time. His manic, animated style of rapping is one of the most unique deliveries in hip hop since Wu-Tang’s ODB. His sense of lyricism can be so poignant and personal, then so vulgar and comedic only a song later. While his delivery is what makes him stand out most, his sharp pen, eclectic production choice and clever curation of features is half of what makes his music so engaging. No matter where he takes his sound – whether it be another dark record like Atrocity Exhibition or a softer sound akin to uknowhatimsayin¿ – Danny Brown has proven his versatility and consistency time and time again, and so I’m confident any new output will sound stellar. He’s teased at his new album Quaranta since the beginning of the decade, and with news of a JPEGMAFIA collaborative album in the works, I’m looking forward to hearing how Danny will evolve next.

Magdalena Bay

Out of all the artists on this list, I’m least confident that Magdalena Bay will release anything this year, but nonetheless, I have hope. The duo’s 2021 album Mercurial World has quickly become one of my favourite pop albums of all time, with the dense, sparkling synth-pop production from Matthew contrasting well against the soft, understated vocals from Mica. The single “All You Do” for 2022’s deluxe rerelease of Mercurial World has me even more excited for new music, showing that even the duos B-sides are fantastic. I adore the detail the duo puts in, with recurring motifs throughout Mercurial World, seamless transitions from song to song, and such strong choruses that are as powerful as they are catchy. Seeing as the duo are relatively new to the scene, they have so much room to grow and evolve, so regardless of where they decide to take their sound, I will be patiently waiting to hear it.

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