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Listens for the Week #2: DeeeP, Massive Attack, Sean Price

Updated: May 14, 2023

Every week, I offer three recommendations: something new, something classic, and something I love. This week I've been enjoying a range of different genres, from trip hop, to dance, to hip hop. Please look through my recommendations this week, and if you see something you haven't heard, add it to your checklist.

Something New

DeeeP - The Blurb (2022)

The Blurb is an excellent EP from DeeeP. It combines elements of hip hop, ambient, and house. The production can be so dense and spacious such as on the first track 'THE RAFTERS', then so upbeat on songs like 'RONNY'. It's apparent that a range of influences impacted the sound of this EP, keeping it fresh and engaging as each beat sounds unique and encapsulates its own atmosphere.

Something Classic

Massive Attack - Mezzanine (1998)

Mezzanine is quickly becoming one of my favourite albums as I continue to replay it over and over. It's a defining album in trip hop, with bass-heavy electronic production which has aged perfectly. The different vocalists give such unique and eccentric performances, setting this album apart from others in electronica, and giving each track its own flavour so that there is never a dull or forgettable moment to be heard.

Something I Love

Sean Price - Monkey Barz (2005)

When it comes to hip hop in the 2000s, Sean Price is not brought up in the conversation enough. A range of producers provide beats on Monkey Barz, keeping the album exciting throughout as no two tracks sound similar. Sean has such a confident and entertaining delivery to his lyrics, and the other rappers who feature here bring brilliant performances to maintain the album's high energy.

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