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Listens for the Week #1: Cryalot, Art Blakey, Marlena Shaw

Updated: May 14, 2023

In this series, I'll be recommending three different albums or EPs each Friday. Each one is accessible and worth a listen for any fan of music. Every week, I will recommend one piece of music for each of these categories;

  • Something New

  • Something Classic

  • Something I Love

Something New

Cryalot - Icarus (2022)

Icarus is the new EP from Cryalot, otherwise known as Sarah Bonito, the lead vocalist from the band Kero Kero Bonito. This EP draws much of the same sounds from her work in the band, embracing that same colourful and glitchy brand of pop music but incorporating more elements of dance and rock. It has such a strong start with 'Touch the Sun', and while I don't love every track, it's well worth your time.

Something Classic

Art Blakey - Moanin' (1959)

Moanin' is one of the finest jazz albums I've ever heard. It embraces the hard bop sound of jazz from that era, with elite drumming, piano, bass, and brass. The songs are so intricately put together, but maintain such a catchy and danceable sound, striking the balance between accessibility and detailed musicianship. Even for those who don't know jazz well, I strongly recommend this.

Something I Love

Marlena Shaw - The Spice of Life (1969)

Marlena has such a strong, soulful voice that captivates the listener, full of energy and personality. The instrumentation here is fantastic, with lots of funky basslines and jazz influence which makes each song stand out. The album doesn't have as strong a finish as it does a beginning, but nonetheless, it's consistent throughout and I recommend it to any fan of soul.

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