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A Talk with Twogeebs

Hailing from New Jersey, Twogeebs is an underground MC preparing for the release of Tha Geeb Tape 4, the fourth instalment in an annual series where the rapper shows off his skills at their most formidable.

Starting off, the rapper touched on his love for Tha Geeb Tape series: “It’s my most focussed work … That’s where I focus most of my energy, my creativity. Tha Geeb Tape series was inspired by Tha Carter series by Lil Wayne. That’s why I even spell it ‘Tha’. I always felt like those were his best projects. He dropped a lot of mixtapes and shit throughout the years – he always dropped fire shit – but when Tha Carter series came around, you knew, ‘Okay, this is serious.’”

The fourth instalment is dropping this Halloween, as has been tradition since the release of Tha Geeb Tape 2 back in 2021. “The first one might be the grimiest; the second one was kind of dirty, but a little bit focussed; the third one, I think, was the most accessible; the fourth one might be the realest.”

Although it has been a year since Tha Geeb Tape 3, it wasn’t long that work on Tha Geeb Tape 4 began. “I made three songs for it throughout the year. ‘Long Day’, which was the first single, then I made the intro, and ‘Tha Devil Can’t Recruit Me’. The other 95% of it was made in two days … I don’t really sit on music. If I die, there’s no unreleased music coming out. I make to order. And it’s no disrespect – if you do sit on your music that’s cool too, but I don’t release music that way … As soon as I make something, I just drop that shit.”

He spoke more on the story behind the latest project: “We went to Wawa and got coffee. My man Davila – shoutout to Davila – my engineer, also a rapper, also an artist, killing shit. His cat jumped on the roof, we tried to save it. She didn’t want to jump down, so we left that bitch up there. We smoked a lot of weed. Shoutout my man Kevin. The first night, he was tripping off shrooms … It don’t be nothing! ‘Oh, it was a movie!’ It ain’t no fucking movie. That’s it, regular as hell. It’s just normal shit, we’re in there chilling, vibing.”

Going deeper into the project, Twogeebs listed his main influences for the tape. From standup comedy to Chingy, the MC found inspiration in all sorts of media, but none more striking than Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z. “Buu is this big ass, fat ass pink monster. He’s really playful, but he’s really mad powerful … He’s so wild he don’t even speak words. He just speaks in grunts, screams, and sound effects … He’s mad destructive, but he’s fucking shit up. So I decided, I’m about to fuck shit up.”

Often, the show plays an even bigger role in the creation of his projects. “When a producer sends me packs of beats, I’ll watch Dragon Ball Z or something with a good ass storyline, and I’ll put it on mute. Then I’ll let the beats play while it’s on mute. And then, in my head, I’ll sort out where the beats fit best in the story of what I’m watching. Then that way, when I create a project, it has a cinematic flow.”

In the final lines of Geeb Tape 4, the rapper has already alluded to a fifth instalment. “I was planning on stopping at Tha Geeb Tape 5, actually. But now Wayne’s said that he’s doing Tha Carter VI. Hopefully this is his last one, because I kind of want to finish making Tha Geeb Tape series. I’ve got other things to move on to. But whenever Tha Carter series stops, that’s when Tha Geeb Tape series stops.”

Although work on Tha Geeb Tape 5 won’t start for a while, Twogeebs is full of ideas of where to take the next entry in the series. He said: “The next one, I want to use African drum sounds – afrobeat type shit, but with a grimy, hip hop feel to it … You never want the next one to sound like the last one, and get repetitive. You don’t want to be like Lil Baby. Lil Baby was popping, but then his last album sounded like a watered down version; a copy and paste of the last one.”

Aside from Tha Geeb Tape 4, the MC has kept busy this year with other releases such as Tha Skip Tape. A full collaboration with producer Skip the Kid, the duo have already discussed making another joint project. “There’s going to be a Skip Tape 2 sometime next year,” he said certainly.

Another recent effort from Twogeebs was Stevie Wonder Not Blind, a surprise album which released this past July. “That was originally going to be Tha Geeb Tape 4,” he said. “That’s why it’s so short. I didn’t flesh out the ideas, because I was like ‘Fuck it, we’re just going to scrap it, and start Tha Geeb Tape 4 from scratch later,’ and that was it.”

Among tracks with Jules Clay, Numbz, and Furious Stylez, the rapper has plans for an even more ambitious collaboration down the line. “I’m thinking about doing a Zilla and Friends tape, so two features on each track, nine songs … If I do, I think I’ll drop that in February for All-Star Weekend. I sent a beat to JohnnyTra$h. Tra$h also works inhumanly … Shoutout my guy Dante … I sent him one of the beats by Skip, I wanted him to hop on that shit. And then I’m just going to feel around for what I envision … And you never know, I might drop a surprise project like I did with Stevie Wonder Not Blind.”

Looking further ahead, Twogeebs has big plans for his career in the coming years. After capping off Tha Geeb Tape series and conquering the underground, the MC wants to tackle the mainstream. “Eventually, I want to make a big, debut studio album … I don’t need to be Drake, I don’t need to be Lil Baby, I don’t need to be super mainstream. If I can make forty grand a year, strictly off making music, that’s good enough for me … In the grand scheme, I would love to be a record label owner. Start my own label, executive produce for people, curate projects, and help other people who might have the skill but just don’t know how to put their vision together.”

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