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A Talk with Midnight Samurai

Midnight Samurai is an up and coming hip hop producer who recently released the beat tape, Training Sessions, Vol. 3: Benevolence, with a fourth volume to come. He’s released three beat tapes in the series this year after starting his career in December 2021.

Midnight Samurai spoke on his sound as an artist. "It’s a bit difficult to pin my sound down to one genre because I’ve done so much. I would say my sound is very soulful boom bap with a lo-fi twist."

His latest beat tape is the third in the Training Sessions series, with the first titled Courage, the second Honesty, and now Benevolence. He said: "Each title is one of the principles of the samurai. I do try to make each of the songs flow into each other well, and that the outro always gives the listener a wave of emotions. You’ll definitely see that on the next beat tape."

Regarding new projects, it won’t be long until the fourth volume in the Training Sessions series is released. "Vol. 4 is completely finished. I’m just waiting to finish the Vol. 3 remixes. Once that’s done, you’ll get Vol. 4 pretty soon after."

Midnight Samurai recently released the single "Honeymoon", which is a remixed version of a track from Benevolence with rappers Patty Honcho and Thadge providing verses. He said: "I love working with other underground artists. This remixed project I’m working on right now has almost every underground legend you could think of."

When it comes to future collaborations, he said: "Someone that I haven’t got to collab with yet is Matt Draugos. I think we were planning something when Vol. 2 dropped but it didn’t work out. I’d love to work with Nonazz too. Both of those guys are extremely talented."

Midnight Samurai spoke on his aspirations. "I would just like to get my name out there in the underground more. I think some artists underestimate my talent because I haven’t been doing this for long and I be acting goofy on Twitter sometimes. But I just want my name to be known at least in the underground and hopefully, later on, in the mainstream. I would definitely want to take my sound to a higher level. More specifically, I want to challenge myself with more obscure samples and weirder drum patterns."

As for new music, Midnight Samurai is certain we won’t be waiting long. "The Training Sessions, Vol. 3 remixed project is almost done. Look out for that. I vet your favourite underground rapper is on that project ... Y’all will know my name very soon."

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