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A Talk with KnowItAll & Skip the Kid

KnowItAll is a New York rapper who’s been making a splash in the underground throughout the 2020s. Skip the Kid is a producer from Pennsylvania who began his music career at the start of the decade and has worked with countless artists since. KnowItAll and Skip collaborated last year for the EP Music Saved Me, and this past October, they released the sequel album, Music Saved Me 2.

Skip described the album as having a "soulful, grimy, dark feel. I’d definitely say I have a unique sound, but it’s for many lanes, in my opinion."

KnowItAll added: "It’s a KnowItAll and Skip special. Our chemistry and friendship is locked in forever and I believe that also shows in the album."

Music Saved Me 2 is a sequel to the EP of the same name, with three times as many tracks as its predecessor and many more artists featured. Among those artists featured are rappers such as MC Millz, Jiggs, and Mourning Run. Skip spoke about working with so many different artists:

"It’s an honour, to be honest. KnowItAll got Jiggs, but I had already been a fan of him so that was dope. MC Millz, I’ve had a relationship with, and we have a lot more on the way."

Regarding features, KnowItAll said: "I got Backwood Sweetie and MC Millz because I wanted some black women representing the right way, and they showed out, and I truly appreciate them so much. If they ever need anything they got it. Working with all these people was so cool. Most of them are years younger than me and I’m really impressed and inspired by how good they are so young. I was trash when I was as young as these guys."

Music Saved Me 2 comes over a year after the duo’s last full collaboration. Since working together last, KnowItAll said:

"It was different in a sense that we are way more familiar with each other’s likes and dislikes. Besides that, we got straight to it. Working with Skip is great because we are really good friends and he’s a really great guy – very adamant on getting things done."

Skip shared the same sentiment: "KnowItAll is my guy. I consider him a friend first, so it makes the work better. I just hear him on certain beats; I think he looks forward to it when I send him shit."

Aside from their work together, KnowItAll and Skip the Kid have been busy with various other projects in 2022. KnowItAll released two albums prior to Music Saved Me 2: The machine produced by Owlkast, and Soul Surgery produced by OGknownforsmokin. KnowItAll spoke about the process behind The machine, and working with Owlkast compared to Skip:

"The machine wrote itself, man. I don’t know the difference; I thoroughly enjoy working with them both. No, I think the difference is that I think Skip is more adamant about banging the work out and Owl is just a smooth killer… And don’t forget Soul Surgery produced by OGknownforsmokin!"

Skip the Kid has released a handful of projects this year as well, including three instalments of The Scotty Pippen Tape, the Waitin’ On Rappers trilogy, and three volumes of The Sol Tape – all instrumental projects. Skip spoke on the difference between producing for himself rather than others:

"I’ve got way more freedom, because it’s just me and the way I hear beats. I usually get inspired by something – thoughts or a picture – and start cooking then that way. Organic. I love it."

Both artists have projects in the works for the near future. KnowItAll said: "Music Saved Me 2 is my last project of 2022, but man, 2023 will be even better … I got plenty of stuff in the works right now!" He’s also open to another collaboration with Skip: "Man, the way me and Skip work, I won’t be surprised if you hear Music Saved Me 1,000."

While Skip the Kid has already released another album since this interview took place – titled Fuck Ur Beats – his releases won’t be slowing down. He said: "Stay tuned for the rest of the year and next year – never stop … Tap in with all my work and people I work with. We love this shit and appreciate all and any support."

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Nov 24, 2022

Tha bros!


Nov 01, 2022

The elderly have so much wisdom! Great read

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