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A Talk with INSMNC

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

INSMNC (pronounced ‘insomniac’) is a South Jersey hip hop producer, primarily working with a range of underground rappers. He has been making psychedelic music since the early 2000s but has since transitioned to making wild and electronic hip hop beats.

In 2021, INSMNC released a trilogy of EPs: 3AM, Don’t Sleep, and Secret Histories. The EPs featured a plethora of underground artists like S.I.N., Astro Rockit, and even Boldy James. Regarding upcoming projects, INSMNC said:

"I’ve got two collab projects in the works. Sui Generis with S.I.N., and a project with Onwuka called InsomniWuka. It’s fun working with artists who bring out different aspects of my music. S.I.N. has classic East Coast flows and bars, while Onwuka reminds me more of Bay Area artists."

Both projects hold their own unique sound, which INSMNC is certain will appeal to all different sorts of hip hop fans: "The tracks I’ve done with S.I.N. are a heavy spin on classic boom bap, similar to Company Flow. My tracks with Onwuka are more playful and funk-influenced, inspired by groups like OutKast."

While INSMNC has stated his hip hop influences include legends such as El-P and DJ Screw, his sound is shaped by more than just rap music. He said:

"I’m super influenced by The Chemical Brothers and other late ‘90s big beat artists. I always try to make sure a track bumps before I post it, so my heavy synth basslines are probably my most recognisable feature."

With that being said, INSMNC does not like to be boxed into a single descriptor. "I try to avoid having a signature sound. One thing I like to focus on is versatility. I always try to ‘serve the song’, and provide whatever atmosphere is required to accentuate the vocalist."

While INSMNC has plans for his upcoming music and collaborations, he’s always open to meeting with new artists. "I’m looking to make more connections, because I’ve got a lot of ideas and I love to work. My dream collab is Pusha T. I’ve made so many beats to his vocals; he’s kind of a muse to me."

Part of the reason why INSMNC is so eager to collaborate with new faces is because of his past as a band member in the psychedelic groups, The Mutations and Meddling Kids. He said:

"Playing in a band taught me teamwork, and there’s nothing like the camaraderie of playing music with your friends. Now, every collab is like forming a mini band, but we each still have control over our own ‘worlds’, so to speak. Being in a band has given me more emotional intelligence, which I think is crucial."

For the future, INSMNC is interested in branching out solely from hip hop:

"I’ve been working on my singing skills. I have a solo project in the works that’s going to be like a mix of Massive Attack and Daniel Johnston. It will show a bit of my love for folk and indie rock."

With exciting collaborations on the way and a range of different ideas to promote, INSMNC is motivated for the future, and his catalogue will only grow more diverse as time goes by.

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Aug 15, 2022

The interview is a great way to get to know different artists, can't wait to hear INSMNC new projects😊


Aug 15, 2022

Can't wait to hear what's next from both of u guys!

Loved this interview!


Aug 15, 2022

Very cool!

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