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A Talk with Hannah Strumner

Hannah Strumner is an American singer-songwriter who specialises in country pop and country rock. Last year, she made her full-length debut with her self-titled album, Hannah Strumner. Kicking things off for 2023, she’s teasing the release of her latest single ‘White Sneakers’, with new music planned for the near future.

Before getting into the new music, Hannah spoke on what drew her to country music. She said: “I loved listening to a lot of storytelling songs. It is like reading a book, but in under four minutes.”

She went on to discuss her latest single, ‘White Sneakers’, set for release 8th July. Hannah said: “The story was, I wanted to create a love song. As I was writing a song, or trying to come up with a good idea, my dog was getting into my new white sneakers. For some reason, from there, the song came to life … I do feel ‘White Sneakers’ is like a bridge between what was published but also what is to come. I am very excited about this new musical journey and for the song to release. This is probably one of the most exciting releases I have done!”

Although ‘White Sneakers’ is a standalone single, Hannah has eluded to new music on the horizon. “There are definitely new songs being worked on, as I have been very inspired these last couple of months to write music. Especially after the last album’s release. I couldn’t stop writing ever since … I can say I have stuff in the works to be put out, but I cannot say exactly what yet. The songs to come, though, are new ideas and there are different vibes in them for sure!”

On her self-titled album, Hannah collaborated with singer Sam Henry for the duet, ‘Are You Ready to Let Go’. Since then, she has teased that new duets are in the making. On the topic of collaborations more generally, Hannah said: “I do have artist friends I would love to work with like Peyton Shay – I think her music is so neat and it would be amazing to have a country-electronic vibe to everything.”

Speaking on her career going forward, she said: “I really want to continue releasing music and hopefully get to a touring point. I do have performances that eventually I will be able to share, and I am extremely excited for them … I just want to thank everyone for listening to my music, and I can’t wait for you to find out real soon what ‘White Sneakers’ and other songs I have to share!”

‘White Sneakers’ will release on 8th July, with snippets available via Hannah’s social media accounts. Find Hannah Strumner here:

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