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A Talk with Filip Neuf

Filip Neuf is a hip hop producer from Sweden who has been active this decade releasing a range of albums and EPs. Earlier this year, he released Pearls Before Swine with rapper Mourning Run, and on 22nd October, Filip’s newest album – Riviera Arkestra – will release.

Filip Neuf described the sound of this latest album: "I would describe Riviera Arkestra as a great mix between my inspiration from the culture of the Italian and French Rivieras, plus the inspiration I got from hearing my friends’ music. I think I really hit the sweet spot with this one. My sound really comes from listening to Madvillainy on repeat since I was sixteen years old, then discovering J Dilla, Mobb Deep, and my favourite jazz musicians. I don’t really think about how my sound sounds; I’m just doing what inspires me in that period and often it turns out great."

Filip worked on much of Riviera Arkestra during his time on the Italian Riviera – a place of great inspiration for him where he’s always wanted to make music. He said: "I’ve been here every summer since I was little and, ever since I started making music, this has been one of my goals. I’m glad I finally got to do it with the help of all my friends featured on it, plus the incredible support I’ve received from friends that aren’t even involved in the album-making process."

Three singles have been released for the upcoming album: ‘Dizzy Bird’, ‘Rembrandt’, and ‘The Paradox of Hedonism’. Respectively, they feature rapper Unruly, rappers MANSDEM and Mourning Run, and rapper Patty Honcho. Filip said:

"You can definitely expect to hear more people on the project. When I made Riviera Arkestra, I always sent snippets to Harvey Gold and he always went crazy, which really helped me keep it going."

Of all the songs on the album, ‘Rembrandt’ is Filip’s favourite. "’Rembrandt’ is definitely a favourite for me, even before I got the features on it. The beat is one of my favourites I’ve ever made. MANSDEM and Mourning Run really perfected it and brought it to a new level which I’m very glad for."

Aside from Riviera Arkestra, Filip Neuf released a collaborative album this April with rapper Mourning Run, titled Pearls Before Swine. Regarding the album, Filip said: "Making that album was such a great experience for me. Ever since Mourning Run was featured on the EP Charis, I knew we had to make something, so I’m grateful it finally happened. Working with him was great and I’d love to continue working with him in future, whether for a full album or something else."

In 2021, Filip Neuf released a collaborative EP with producer Harvey Gold titled Charis, as well as a solo beat tape called Parc Monet. Filip said: "Beat tapes are definitely something I’ll continue; I’ve got way too many beats just sitting in my hard drive. The big difference is definitely working on your own – you feel like you have total control over the timeframe, but when you’re working with others you have to respect their own time and effort."

When it comes to other artists Filip wants to work with, he said: "The first ones that comes to mind are definitely Nyan Tun and Asani hard because of how they’ve been consistently working with Harvey Gold."

Filip has huge ambitions for his music in the future: "My goal someday is to make my own genuine jazz album – even thought that could be years and years away because of how much work goes into producing and recording it. The way jazz musicians approach music has always fascinated me, and I always have that thought in the back of my mind when I produce my own music."

For the near future, Filip already has new projects in the works: "Right now, I’m already working with some rappers for full collaborations. Charis 2 is also something I really want to make happen. For now, I hope everyone will enjoy Riviera Arkestra."

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