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A Talk with Dot-Com Intelligence

Dot-Com Intelligence is a Washington-born rapper who has released countless hip hop albums and EPs since 2013. His latest record, Precipice, is a full collaboration with underground producer August Fanon.

Dot-Com Intelligence described his sound as "a mixture of Sean Price and Chuck D with sprinkles of Ras Kass, Threat, and Rubberroom. I’m Swift and Changeable, like the title of that DOOM and Ghostface album that never got finished. I am my name: Divine Cipher Truth Communicates Intelligence. Father, artist, Pisces, husband. Generator, operator, destroyer."

He went on to describe his new album: "Precipice is one dealing with seeing the edge of everything, and everyone spiralling out of control, working to keep that sense of oneself.”

Precipice marks the end of a trilogy in his discography. “First was You May Die (my angry album), then Purpose (my hopeful album), and now Precipice – my balanced album. What inspired me was to balance anger and hope for clarity in dealing with being in the USA, as its empire is beginning to fall like Rome."

The album is fully produced by August Fanon, a revered producer in the underground who has worked with names like Mach-Hommy and Vic Spenser. Dot-Com Intelligence described how the collaboration came to be:

"It was from his production on Mach-Hommy’s H.B.O.. I was awestruck and reached out to him on Twitter. He was cordial and gave me a price for his services, and I couldn’t swing it at first. But the goal was to work with him by any means. I gave myself a year and got back with him, ready to work."

Dot-Com spoke about his favourite tracks on Precipice: "’Culture Cipher Rappin’ is my favourite because it was the first track that August sent to me. It was also the quickest to write; I was in the zone when I wrote it. The track that sticks out to me the most is ‘Desperation’ as it coincides with the cover of the album."

One track on Precipice, ‘The Great and Secret Show’, is a posse cut where Dot-Com Intelligence raps alongside rappers Dango Forlaine, Lync Lone, Sleep Sinatra, and Stik Figa. About the track, he said:

"It was inspired by Clive Barker and his book of the same name. It’s different chambers of highly-skilled rappers that you may or may not know, going off with their talents. In choosing the MCs, I knew what I wanted to hear. I had worked with Sleep Sinatra and Dango Forlaine before. They’re so consistent and amazingly dope – they are like clockwork; it’s every time with them. Lync Lone caught my ear, so I reached out to him and was honoured that he accepted. Then the almighty Stik Figa – this man has done it all – he’s a living Kansas City legend. I tried to reach out to him after I heard his and August Fanon’s album, Heresy. He wanted to hear the track, then he gave me his price. I had it, and I jumped for joy."

When it comes to potential collaborations in the future, he said: "I’m willing to work with anybody who wants to work with me. My dream collaborations would be Armand Hammer, Ka (the God), and Ras Kass. For producers: Seb Bash, Foisey, Small Professor, V DON, and many others."

Dot-Com Intelligence spoke on his motivations: "I always say ‘I’m doing, not trying.’ I just don’t want to have regrets. I wasted so much time for a good period. I didn’t get back to music until my understanding years – if you know, you know. I’m just doing the work."

Regarding his future, he said: "My plans are to continually build and get to the point that I can eat comfortably from my musical works. I want for more people to hear, explore, and purchase my work – that’s it!"

He already has another album in the works. "My next album is with this dope MC and producer named Lunar. He and I are the Hammer Brothers. The self-titled album will be coming soon – it’s all killer, no filler. is where you can find my music. More stuff is in the works, so stay tuned."

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