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A Talk with Anthony Church

Anthony Church is an Ohio-based music producer and podcast host who recently released the EP Social Setting, with another EP, Sound Origin, Vol. 1, releasing 4th November. Aside from music, Anthony hosts the Proven Knowledge Podcast where he interviews different artists every week and has since early 2020.

Anthony described his sound as an artist: "I’m a fan of different genres like hip hop and R&B, so no matter what, I just try and create something that an artist or listener can feel and bring some kind of meaning through the music each time … I just feel my love for many styles has helped me to work with a more wide variety of artists, and it’s definitely been beneficial."

Anthony released the beat tape EP, Social Setting, in June this year. "That was primarily just a nice vibe for the summer to put out there. I collected some more mellow and feel-good tracks and centred it around the theme of having social anxiety, which is something I deal with in my day to day life."

On top of Social Setting and numerous singles, Anthony has even more new music coming before the end of the year. "I’m releasing another beat tape called Sound Origin, Vol. 1 on November 4th , as a kind of close out for the year. It’s gonna be a three-part series and it’s primarily centred around a musician’s journey when they’re trying to make it work and find themselves through their art."

Anthony is also host of the Proven Knowledge Podcast, which he began focussing on in Spring 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic began. The podcast is split into two series – ‘The Creators’ and ‘The Innovators’ – with the former focussing on artists and producers, while the latter involves managers and anyone behind the scenes in music. Anthony said:

"I thought it would be a cool idea to chat with some of my peers and collaborators about their music and journey, and hear their stories not only of success but hardship as well … Sometimes it’s easy to think you’re the only one dealing with certain issues as a creative person but you can see and hear first-hand that so many of us face the same problems. I believe it’s vital to give back and help anyone we can, even if it’s as simple as having that conversation."

Anthony described one interview which resonated with him: "I always remember the episode I did with an engineer named David Yungin Kim who actually is responsible for mixing these last several Nas albums. He gave the advice that, even when you put your all in a few times and have some success, no one owes you anything. It’s about showing up each and every day, and really living your truth through your work, that will help you sustain and thrive."

Outside of his own projects, Anthony frequently produces albums for JayTrey, an Ohio-based rapper. Anthony said: "We actually began music together and have known each other for almost twenty years now, growing up. It’s great working with him, and to see what we’ve already accomplished is incredible, not to mention the fact that we’ve done hundreds more songs no one might ever hear."

Aside from his regular collaborators, Anthony doesn’t have anyone in mind regarding who to work with next. "If our goals and energy align, it’s usually easy for me to work with just about anyone, so I’ll always be on the lookout for people who fit those criteria."

Going forward, Anthony teased another collaboration with JayTrey. "I can’t reveal the full details but let’s just say that November should be a good month … I already have a ton planned for 2023 so that’s really exciting, but other than that, I just want to keep elevating and taking my team with it all."

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